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BMW Club – West Michigan┬áRiders

We all have one thing in common: Our love of riding.

Once a month we come together to share that passion and tell our stories. We speak as fellow riders and friends. We share a bond and a closeness that all motorcyclists understand. If you’re new to riding you’ll come to understand these statements and if you’re seasoned then you already do.

If you live in the Grand Rapids MI area or surrounding regions and have discovered your love of the BMW motorcycle, then we invite you to join us. We have many members in our club from several different communities around Michigan who enjoy visiting at breakfast on the third Sunday of every month, participating in after-breakfast rides plus our self-guided Michigan tour. So in exploring our website you will discover there is plenty to do to keep you on that motorcycle having fun.

Most of our members have busy lives and the club offers a chance for riders to get together and expand their riding horizons.

THE CLUB’S GOAL is to enhance the enjoyment and safety of riding our motorcycles. We aim to provide opportunities for area riders to get together to: share stories, ride together, improve riding skills, take care of our motorcycles and create great memories. We welcome all motorcycle enthusiasts from the casual rider to the world travelers.