Open House at BMW MC of GR 3-25-2017

The weather was terrible on Saturday March 25th. Rainy and gusty; ironic, since the day before was amazingly nice.  The lure of a pancake breakfast at the BMW MC  of GR, as well as service specials and  Distributor Reps for the ancillary products made it too  good to miss.  I rode in, but my bike was parked all by its lonesome — at least while I was there.  No worries, I saw plenty of club members: club Treasurer – Bill Dirkmaat, Dave Winn, Phil and Roxanne Nellis, club VP – John Malnor, Rick Kraai, Bob Swanson, and Jake Berzkalns.  Turnout was healthy — by my standards and considering the weather.  The pancakes and sausages were tasty and washed down with ample supplies of coffee and OJ.

Rainy day — a few bikes out front. Waiting for someone to try ‘rain mode’. 








Quicksilver was all alone out front. A waterproof tank bag is needed.















Good crowd inside. Group listening to tall tales of riding the Veldt on the GS being while being chased by rhinos.









R9T – Racer — no rain on this specimen.









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3-19-2017 Brief Jaunt

After our delicious club breakfast at New Beginnings, it was time for a brief jaunt into the countryside before returning home to the list of projects remaining at our new-to-us condominium.   I didn’t get very far (about a block) when I remembered that I hadn’t tethered my Hit-Air vest, so I pulled into the nearest driveway and discovered that it was a large memorial park.  I snapped some photos of the park before riding towards Coopersville,  and then home.  The overcast weather made for a peaceful ride.




Posted by Ethan Powsner