After-Breakfast Ride to Grand Haven State Park 2-19-2017

Breakfast was the usual hearty fare at New Beginnings in Walker or Standale, it depends upon which mapping service you use.  A larger than usual winter turnout — no doubt aided by the 40’ish early morning temperature, with the sun also throwing its energy into the mix.  Jake Berzkalns and I rode in and had no need to return home immediately after breakfast, so we went on a brief ride to Grand Haven State Park.







Breakfast at New Beginnings. For more pictures of the complete breakfast group see Bill Dirkmaat’s write-up in the February Newsletter.   Clockwise from top – Barb Dirkmaat, Jake Berzkalns, Chuck Serene, Dave Winn, Allan Dewey, John Malnor, and Bill Dirkmaat, taking notes.

The ride started at the New Beginnings parking lot and then proceeded due west on M-45 until M-45 dead-ends at Lakeshore Drive south of Grand Haven.  For those who don’t know M-45, it was originally mapped out by tracing the route of a flying crow. M-45 is where the phrase ‘straight as a crow flies’ comes from.  Not; but you get the idea,

Traffic was light, and we kept to the speed limits in order to prolong the enjoyment of the ride,  and, we weren’t in a rush. This being only my second ride of 2017 (January 21st being the first), I still was getting the cobwebs out.  Jake and I last rode together when we came back from the BMW Touring Club of Detroit’s Color Tour in October of 2016, so we resumed our nowhere-near-Blue-Angels-precision riding formation as we motored westward on M-45.

When we approached the State Park, the main entrances were not only closed and gated, but also were blocked by the sand that had built up a couple of feet deep in front of them.  So we proceeded north until we reached the northerly most entrance. It was open and traffic in and out was somewhat brisk; there were a lot of people enjoying the 50+ degree weather.

We took off our helmets and stood in the sun talking about bikes, equipment and some Grand Rapids business history.   After 20 minutes or so, it was time to return to our respective homes.  I slabbed it home on I-96.









Written by Ethan Powsner