West Michigan Riders

Fellow bikers — put on your gear and start your engines!   The club has group rides each month after our breakfast/meeting during the summer, April through October.  The ride is usually about 100 miles with a rest stop and then lunch at the our destination.  Scenic two lane highways around West Michigan!!  If you have a favorite route or destination and/or would like to plan and lead a ride, please call one of the club officers and we will see what we can do.


The 2017 club rides are all done.




Meet at:

         New Beginnings Restaurant

           4735 LakeMichigan Dr.

         Standale, Mi. 49354

Breakfast at 9:00AM—Ride starts at 10:30AM

Join us for one or both.

Want more info or have some questions?  


President – Ethan Powsner –
Vice President – John Malnor –

DISCLAIMER: We are just motorcycle enthusiasts that get together to eat, socialize, and ride.  You are expected to ride within your limits, wear appropriate safety gear, ride a safely maintained machine, and follow reasonable group riding etiquette. We welcome riders of all skill levels, ages, gender, and marques. You will likely find like-minded members who ride at your level of skill.                                 The WEST MICHIGAN RIDERS assume no responsibility for your safety, state of mind, or degree of fun you’ll experience with us. You as an individual are responsible for your own actions and behaviors.