Sheperd Maple Syrup Festival – April 29, 2017

This trip came up suddenly.  My wife and I were going to be attending the Sheperd Maple Syrup Festival on Sunday the 30th with friends of ours who have young children. When the weather showed 100% chance of rain on Sunday, I was the only one who could reschedule to Saturday.  So, off I rode.  The weather was nearly perfect — just a little chilly; time to buy a heated jacket.   I missed all the rain, which didn’t appear in Grand Rapids until after 6 PM Saturday evening.  The ride was simple,  East Beltline to Northland Drive to Federal (Hwy?/Road?) to M-46 East to US-127 North to Sheperd.  On the return, I took US-127 North to M-20 West to US-131 South.  I had never been riding on M-20 West, so it was interesting to ride through Mecosta and Rodney.   Posted by Ethan Powsner

The hub of the Sheperd Maple Syrup Festival. Pancake Breakfast served here.
“Bottomless” Pancakes






Helicopter tours were available.
Interior of ’68 Shelby GT 500 KR. A brief look at the internet today indicates prices well north of $150,000.
Back in the day, you could get interesting options. There were a couple of these older K5 Blazers.
This was the only BMW motorcycle at the festival. There were a number of Harleys.
There was also a Quilt Show.